The owner...

Hi! I'm Sarah...

I am an Alabama Wedding and Engagement photographer; I've had a passion for the business of love since 2019. Giving couples the centerpieces to their home or the cover to their book of forever is what I am all about.

When you become a client of ExaltedPhotographyCo not only will I meet every responsibility as your photographer, but I will also exceed your expectations with advice and encouragement. Wedding planning can be hard, but it doesn't have to be with the right team, it takes a village, and I am happy to serve you in any way that I can!

My Team

Sarah Lillich

lead photographer & Owner

Sarah Lillich the owner of ExaltedPhotographyCo and the Writer/Creative Director of The Lillich Collective, wedding blog.

Elaina Organ

Secondary photographer & Assistant

Elaina Organ

Elaina Organ a secondary photographer and executive assistant for Exalted Photography Co. Elaina is an artist at heart which makes her a vital piece to the puzzle on wedding day!

Hannah Franks a secondary photographer and wedding assistant for Exalted Photography Co. Hannah has such an eye for detail and is such an important part of the Exalted Team!

Hannah Franks

Secondary photographer & Assistant

Now for the more casual introduction!

I am a 23-year-old, lover of all thing's decorating, reading, organization and weddings! I am married to a great guy named William. When I got married it felt like a new level of life was unlocked. An extra layer of accountability and encouragement I didn't know I needed!

I am a busy bee by nature, and it takes a lot for me to..."chill". I charge my battery by being social and while I would love to do wedding photography full time in the future, I love my current job so much it will be hard to make the jump. I work at an accounting firm in my hometown, I love it more and more every day!

I value things like family and community and would like to be remembered as a person who simply, loved. My grandfather has always expressed how important it is to just. love. people. And as a person who takes part in the business of Love, I can say one of the best things you'll ever witness in life is just that. Love.