Lucy & Grayson Gayle

December 31st 2022

Lucy and Grayson said their " I do's" at the most precious venue. Fiddlers Green in Jacksonville Alabama.

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The Little White Chapel

As we closed out the year of 2022 Lucy and Grayson opened up their future! The wedding took place at the cutest little venue, even though "little" does not describe it all. Fiddlers Green in Jacksonville Alabama was the perfect compound for a quaint wedding, complete with a little white chapel, a "gristmill", a cabin for the Groom and groomsmen to get ready in and "the carriage house" where the bride and bridesmaid got ready! Upon arrival of this stunning venue, you are greeted by the owner's home that stands right front and center as you drive in, again another stunning view!

This would be the perfect venue for a bride looking for a rustic yet updated wedding. The ceremony had a seamless transition into the reception and there were SO many options for portraits. As a photographer this was the perfect venue to avoid repetitive shots. The low lighting makes it super easy to give the pictures a dreamy feel all while flattering the best points of the subject.

The bride and groom were so in love! The way they spoke to each other, and the way others spoke about them as a couple made me realize their "wedding day happiness" was just a normal day throughout their relationship. I had such a fun time capturing this couple's memories!

If you are looking for a photographer to capture the memories of your wedding, I would love to see how I can serve you. Or if you're thinking about booking Fiddlers Green for your wedding, I would love to talk to you about how much I enjoyed it! Hope to talk soon!

Sarah Lillich, Lead Photographer


To Lucy & Grayson,

Lucy and Grayson, thank you. Thank you for trusting me to create the album of memories for your day. Both of you radiated light and love that truly reflected our Father! Couples like you are a breath of fresh air, please continue to love each other more than you did the day before. I was blessed beyond measure to play a tiny part in your forever and will always remember you as one of the sweetest couples I've ever met!