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The Lillich Collective was my way of creating a space to share all my tips, tricks, secrets and stories in and around the wedding industry. While not all my blog posts are about photography, a few, like todays, are! So, welcome to The Lillich Collective, stay awhile!

Getting Ready

The Morning of your wedding is filled with anticipation and excitement. From the laughter with your bridesmaids to the moments of quiet reflection, these behind-the-scenes shots while getting ready capture the essence of your journey towards the special "I Do"


Gabby & Sam 2023

Detail Shots

Your dress, shoes, bouquet and jewelry are all part of the intricate design of your wedding day. closeup shots of these details are not just beautiful but also serve as timeless reminders of the elegance and style that marked your special day.

First Look/ Touch

The moment the groom sees his bride for the first time is heartwarming and emotional experience. Capturing his expression-be it awe, joy, or tears -freezes this precious moment in time, filled with unfiltered love and excitement.

Candid Moments

Amidst the scripted moments, candid shots capture raw emotion and genuine interactions. They immortalize laughter, happy tears, and heartfelt embraces shared with loved ones, painting an authentic picture of the days joyous celebrations.

Family & Friends

Group Photos with family and friends are not just formalities but cherished keepsakes. They immortalize the love and support surrounding you on this momentous occasion, creating a timeless snapshot of your closest relationships.

Vows & Rings

The exchange of vows and rings is the heart of the ceremony. Close-ups of these moments capture the emotions and commitment shared between partners, becoming visual testaments to the promises made.



The reception venue with its décor, centerpieces, and ambiance is a testament to your chosen theme and style. Photos showcasing these details preserve the atmosphere that made your reception unique and beautiful.

Couple Portraits

Intimate moments between you and your partner captured in different settings provide a tangible testament to your love story. These timeless portraits reflect the emotions and connection shared between you both.

Cake Cutting & Toasts

From the ceremonial cutting of the cake to the heartfelt toasts, these moments carry emotional weight. Capturing these joyous interactions and celebratory gestures with friends and family adds depth to your wedding album.




Fake or Grand Exit

The grand exit marks the conclusion of the festivities. Whether it’s a spectacular display of fireworks or a heartwarming send-off, these photos encapsulate the joy and excitement of embarking on a new chapter together.

In the whirlwind of the day, entrusting a good photographer ensures that these pivotal moments are captured beautifully. These photos are not just snapshots but cherished memories that you’ll fondly look back on for years to come.